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Paws2Care is a Fully Tax-Deductible 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization. EIN: 45-3482974. Nationally Certified Pet Partners Therapy Team, Certified R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) Team, Certified Intermountain Therapy Animals Team, and Paws4Hearts Ministry Team.

What is a Therapy Dog?

"A therapy dog is a dog trained, certified, and accredited to spend time with and provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, churches, schools, people with learning difficulties, and stressful situations such as disaster areas.

The most important characteristic of a therapy dog is its temperament. A good therapy dog must be friendly, patient, confident, gentle, and at ease in all situations. Therapy dogs must enjoy human contact and be content to be petted and handled, often clumsily. They must be obedient and eager to please as they help people accomplish certain tasks and overcome fears.

A therapy dog's primary job is to allow unfamiliar people to make physical contact with it and to enjoy that contact. Children in particular enjoy hugging animals; adults usually enjoy simply petting the dog and talking to it. The dog might need to climb onto an individual's lap, a wagon or a bed, and sit or lie comfortably without disturbing any medical equipment. Golden Retrievers are often used as therapy dogs due to their calm demeanor, gentle disposition and friendliness to strangers. Therapy dogs belong to their handler/owner and people are encouraged to pet and interact with them in all settings - the opposite of a service dog." (Webster Dictionary)